This site began as a personal interest project of mine. The inspiration for it largely came from I wanted to take this idea and create something specifically for New Zealand that was user friendly, kept up to date with recent data and easy for the layman to understand.

I began creating this site in February 2019. From my home in West Auckland I hand coded the HTML, CSS (now Bootstrap), Javascript, R and R Shiny code from scratch and borrowed (copied) the PHP for the Contact page from another site. It went live in July 2019.

I previously worked as the Tidal Officer for the Royal New Zealand Navy Hydrographic Office in the mid to late 1990's where I was resonsible for collecting and analysing tide and sea level information. In 2000 I worked as a consultant to Land Information New Zealand on the collection, analysis and databasing of tide and sea level information. I then held a role with Auckland International Airport Ltd running their IT Helpdesk for a couple of years before heading off to London on my OE in 2002. I only intended to be away for 6-12 months but ended up staying in London for the next 12 years running accounting and business systems for multinationals before returning to NZ at the end of 2014 to care full time for my terminally ill parents which I did until 2017. After that I took a year off from everything and traveled, renovated my parents house, became a bee keeper and brought an expensive drum set which I had shipped over from California. I played drums in a band in my late teens and early twenties but then gave it away and sold my drums in 1998 after the band split up, which I gradually came to regret. Hence why I decided to give it another go twenty years later, which I'm glad I did.

More recently I've been fortunate enough to not have to return to full time work, keeping myself busy with this site, the above and a couple of other side projects.

I'm also a Physics graduate from the University of Auckland.

Hope you enjoy my site. It's a work in progress. Please use the contact page to get in touch. All feedback is appreciated.